Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can't login

Check your username and password. Check you are entering the details correctly. If this still doesn't work follow the ‘forgot password’ link on the login page.

Have you checked your browser? Often if you can’t login another browser may work e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge.

I am not receiving any emails

If you are not receiving emails, then the best place to check is your spam/junk folder. Sometimes emails go to spam/junk and you need to mark them as safe so they are delivered to your inbox.

My card payment details are not working

The most common reason for card payment failures is an incorrect address. It's important to make sure your billing address is correct and matches your card.

Try another card as you may have a problem with your bank provider. If it persists contact your bank.

How do I complete the course?

Work your way through the course by completing ALL of the sections and interacting with ALL of the elements in each section.

I can’t access the next section of the course?

This will be because you have not fully completed this section. Once the blue 'status bar' under the green banner at the top of the page reaches the right of the screen you will be able to move on to the next section, however this will not happen until you have accessed all the interactive elements of the section, including answering all the questions.

Is this course certificated?

Yes you will receive your certificate upon successfully completing the course

I can't find my certificate?

You will only receive your certificate upon successfully completing the course. If your certificate is not available then you need to go back into the course and check that you have completed everything successfully.

Will this course form part of my Continued Professional Development (CPD)?

This course provides a basic awareness of safeguarding and may form part of your CPD depending on your role or employer and training needs. Please check with your line manager/employer. If you need further advanced safeguarding training, the CYSCP recommend you sign up to the CYSCP Core Offer training which can be found on the CYSCP website.

How do I find out more information about children’s safeguarding in York?

You can keep up to date with information by signing up to the CYSCP Newsletter. You can also follow us on Twitter @YorkSCP.

How do I contact the CYSCP?

If you do need to contact the City of York Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (CYSCP), please email